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meaning: style or class
Diesel shoes carry a sporty swank.
by julie bing January 24, 2005
240 162
Masturbate; to pleasure oneself.
Gid just learned to swank it.
by John Swank June 09, 2007
4 19
Anything you want it to mean. Only way you can tell true meaning is by context clues.
My folks had me do some swank ass shit, did all my cleanin before I could leave.
You sittin clean there, thats a swank ride
by Michael Hawkins April 08, 2005
8 25
A word commonly used by scenesters, meaning good friend
Omg, it's my swank!
by Carlos Romero June 07, 2005
2 24
To boast or brag. Especially when used in social circles, name dropping what your kids are doing.
"Oh, Timmies working in Shanghai now"
"Grr, that fat ho is always swanking!"

"Right, I'm going to the party to swank"
by Isomaltine March 03, 2004
5 28
a combination of swank and dank that was started by the one and olny me in Lynnfield, Mass, aka nowhere worth going.
hey man, how was ure weekend?

It was swank!
by chris cavalieri January 09, 2006
9 35
skank, whore, someone who has no goals in life mostly of the female gender
Man, that swank melissa has 4 std's
by Kevin Gerety February 19, 2005
5 32
To wank using your own feces as lubricant, as in a shit wank.
holy shit, that sick fuck is having a swank on my mom's bed.
by Chesta the Cat Molesta August 29, 2005
8 39