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meaning: style or class
Diesel shoes carry a sporty swank.
by julie bing January 24, 2005
A lame, cornball, softie cake. Equivilent to a mark.
U's a f*ckin swank.
by 412 General January 29, 2009
Referring to the musical stylings of channelU. The lyrics contained in one of many swank songs. No effort, beat stealing swank wastemans "spitting" lyrics to the beats created by tax credit babies..
Turning the tv onto ChannelU and watching for 10 minutes....swank!
by Kimsponge August 05, 2008
Masturbating in the shower: Shower + wank = swank!

Can have adverse side effects if you don't watch where your load goes...
"Dude, I always start the day with a swank"
"Is that why there's always cum crusties on your leg hairs"
"Worth it"
by Emface April 01, 2009
The best pr0n mag ever!
Did you see swank this month bro, that group spread was awesome!
by Im white 88 October 08, 2003
ultra classy to the point of nausia
Damn that person, they think they're so swank.
by PYRO November 20, 2002
1. High Class
2. extremely cool
3. So Wetarted And Not Kool
1. This suite is very swank, it probably costs a lot.
2. Wow, that movie was so swank.
3. Ugh, I hate that guy, he is so S.W.A.N.K
by campsac July 11, 2006
fuckin badass. such a better word than scuff.
by Anonymous February 27, 2003