meaning: style or class
Diesel shoes carry a sporty swank.
by julie bing January 24, 2005
combination of sweet and dank
dude that shit's swank
by Drew Wickham January 31, 2009
That pink finger moistening stuff that you use to help separate pieces of paper when your fingers are dry if you don't wish to lick them.
Hey Matt, can I borrow your swank so I can sort this huge stack of papers.
by thirteenalpha March 25, 2010
A posh wank. When you masterbate with a condom on so there is no mess to clean up after.
Last night I treated myself to a swank.
by bob90 February 12, 2010
Being sick and havin' a wank at the same time.
Man i had a great swank last night.
by The-Comfort-Magnet November 22, 2009
verb. infinitive: to swank. to strike another individual in the testicles for sport. Usually a game of tactics and done swiftly with the back of the hand when the opponent least suspects it. this sport can last for days, much like a cricket match.
Darren and Rob repeatedly swanked each other until Rob gave in and signaled his defeat.
by Leroy777 November 01, 2009
Cool to the point of indifferent. Impossible to get bothered.
So your girl dumped ya?

Don't care, I'm fookin'swank..
A person, place, or thing that is considered bad, evil, annoying, gross, and all-around unpleasant.
I told my best friend, Dana, that she was a swank. After wondering what it meant, I told her and she took great offence.
by sallymohoe August 16, 2011

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