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meaning: style or class
Diesel shoes carry a sporty swank.
by julie bing January 24, 2005
The art of having a fantastically swift wank.
Steve: I hate adverts on the TV, what the hell do I do with myself for the next 30 seconds?

Jenny : shut the fuck up and have a swank.
by KingPryle September 23, 2010
A conjunction of sweet, awesome and cool. It is like sweet, with a side of awesome, topped with coolness but it is not quite amazing
Swank dude!!
by Damista November 03, 2011
An adjective defining something that is cool, or sweet, sick, funky, or awesome.

Philmore: Wow bro! Like the new crib!
Jenkins:Yeah, it's pretty swank.
by SquidWinkle July 17, 2008
When someone is trying way to hard to be 'swag' or 'hipster' and it just isnt working
"mann look at these trainers tho"

"naa thats swank..."
by KieraCrippen November 21, 2013
Swank is a portmanteau of sad and wank and is the act of wanking with the lubrication of tears and a heavy heart. Swanking commonly occurs after a break-up and can become extremely addictive. A downward spiral of swanking can even result in depression and in severe cases psychosis and schizophrenia.
Dan-''I'm worried about Stuart, he's been swanking a lot lately'

Hugh-''I'm scared he may never hank again''
by Spennny July 29, 2013
Swag and dank mixed together
Damn son Payg and Sam are so swank.
by Swankygirl951 June 26, 2013
Multiple definitions.

1.) Style, or a way to express someone/something that looks good.

2.) A form of dirty talk.
1.) "Ooh girl, you got so much swank you could be a model!"

2.) "Cake, did you see that?"

"Yes I did! I just want to swank him!!"
by Naw-tee January 05, 2012