meaning: style or class
Diesel shoes carry a sporty swank.
by julie bing January 24, 2005
Something that is amazingly awsome. indescribably good!
1.zacc: oi man that douchebag bolch fell over into dog crap,
mikel: swank! thats funny shit

2. Shaun: hey did u see my dunk on wednesday?
Mikel: fuck yeah man that was Swank!
by michael loader/shaun bolch February 19, 2008
What happens when you combine Swagger and Lank. Being both extremely tall and having extremely long limbs in contrast to your torso while also having great style and confidence.
Damn that NBA stars got swagger!
Na... hes got the ill swank.

Imagine Yao Ming and Soulja Boy hoppin outa bed together and "turnin their swag on". (
by Alver December 09, 2010
Noun; a combination of Swing and Skanking.
Partnered Skanking; Swing dance steps done with a skank style; Swinging to Ska or Punk music.

Any Swing dance can be done with Skank style and to Ska music, be it Lindy Hop, Balboa, East coast or West, but Charleston steps are the most obvious choice as they have a kick leg and swing arm style, using exaggerated contra-body movement that already strongly resembles Skanking without any changes, and work well both solo and with a partner.
"You should have come to hear UNRB last night - the best dancers were all there and we totally Swanked the night away."

"Where'd that guy learn to Skank like that?"
"That's not Skank; it's Swank."

"I didn't know you could skank with a partner."
"You can if you learn how to Swank."
by That Dance Guy February 11, 2014
The perfect woman; Single, working and no kids.
"That new lady you dating decent?"
"Yeah, she's swank."
by Deus822 May 16, 2013
The art of having a fantastically swift wank.
Steve: I hate adverts on the TV, what the hell do I do with myself for the next 30 seconds?

Jenny : shut the fuck up and have a swank.
by KingPryle September 23, 2010
To masturbate while crying. A combination of Sob and Wank.
Guy 1: Hey man, that sucks that Jess broke up with you.
Guy 2: Yeah I really miss her, but she is so hot. I swanked to her picture last night...
by hellatightOGforizzle May 21, 2014
a word combination of Swag and Dank, that come together to form Swank; sick; dope; coolest shit ever
Dude, Danny is looking totally swanky today.

Keaton has so much swank, people are jealous.

Justin showed up at my birthday, and the whole room stopped and looked at him because of his swankness.
by Th3H1tman May 19, 2011

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