On a hot summer day or after physical activity when the massive amount of perspiration in your post-rectal region causes great discomfort. Often leads to moist underwear and a terrible odor.
I flew to Florid and got mad swamp ass as soon as I got off the plane.
by fantomelt February 23, 2009
An oily, wet, sometimes lumpy secretion which becomes plastered,...no..pasted, between the cheeks of your ass, and in the worst cases, oozes out of the crack near the satchel and skid marks your underwear, and if your wearing slacks, them too. Condition can bring on an uncomfortable rash, butt cheek pimples, and the dreaded festering lump around your underwear leg band.
Dude,..you got swamp ass or what?
by Pierce-a-cola February 05, 2008
a very sweaty smelly ass
ben's swamp ass was so bad, he had to change his boxers 4 times in a single day. We replied, "holy shit, that's some swamp ass."
by dick head September 18, 2004
A condition in which your buttocks and other nearby regions get overly moist often causing discomfort resembling the feeling of not wiping your ass. This happens typically when working in intense heat, during masturbation, refusing to wipe, and some other isolated situations. Also, this condition leads to a not so pleasant stench often leaving you extremely self-conscious if the situation cannot be remedied immediately.
Bryce-"Why were you walkin' all funny today when you came into work?"

Slade-"I'd been outside waiting on the bus and got swamp ass."


Slade-"Word. I had to go to the bathroom and handle it quick before that fine ass new girl saw me or else she'd think I'm dirty."
by TheTruth778800 July 07, 2010
Swamp ass can occur during periods of intense physical activity. It is a condition where your ass becomes sweaty giving you the feeling that your ass is actually in a swamp. If not treated swamp ass can lead to a more serious condition called duck butter.
Man what a good workout, it gave me a mean case of swamp ass.
by HippoNipple June 12, 2008
When after sitting on something for a long time while working up a sweat or working up a sweat in general your ass sweats to a rediculous amount to the point where your underwear/boxers stick to your ass. Often accompanied by a funny walk.
After playing handball in gym nate had very bad swamp ass.
Logan: nate why are your pants still down hurry up we can't be late to class
Anthony: I recon he has dat dar swamp ass
Nate: airing my ass out, feels good man
Logan: yup I got it too. Sucks
by CTU_FieldAgent200 December 08, 2009
The Feeling One gets after taking a dump and then doing physical activity resulting in sweating, Swamp Ass is the feeling that you didnt wipe well enough.
Dude i thought i didnt wipe good after my jog , but it was just swamp ass.
by Natemontz September 28, 2009

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