When someone farts, they just let it all out; like the sound when you step in a swamp. It kinda sounds like this: buuladhfoadj.
Damn man, you've got some wicked swampass today!
by The Guy Who Lives Next Door June 09, 2009
Total Anal Poundage Until the victim feels a Swampy Sensation in the anal area.
clan dildoes got Swampass after getting anally pounded for forty-five Minnutes by Clan Swampass.
by Clan Swampass August 04, 2007
When your cheeks, not the ones on your face, are leaking that chocolate water. Only solution to get rid of it is to take a moist paper towel and wipe, then smell the tissue and laugh about it for the next five minutes.
Man i hate july because its nothing but swampass city in here.
by AngryWhopper May 28, 2009
The foul odor from one's anus that causes one's underpants and pants to stink. Swampass is caused by a combination of sweat/body odor and diarrhea.
Damn! Wash your damn sweatpants, dude! They STINK of SWAMPASS!
by Pissed Off Paul October 14, 2003
1. An ass that has become sweaty and sticks to one's shorts.
2. A term for a hick who comes up into the union.
3. An wet scaley ass, resembling that of a fish.
"Wow Jack, why does that swampass Sarah from TN have to come up and visit?"
"Oh my god, look at Sarah's swampass! My libido will never return!"
by The Avenger October 12, 2005
1)An ugly bitch

2)When an ugly bitch has sexual relations with you

3)When you get or receive the above

4)The type of pussy that those faggots that wouldn't shut up got last night
1) Man Jana is a swampass

2) You you were so drunk, Jana swampassed you last night

3) Ahahaha, Jerry got some swampass last night

4) Wow, my busride sucked, all the kids behind me could talk abotu was the swampass they got last night
by Fleepss March 06, 2008
The phenomenon that occurs when one does not properly wipe one's ass, causing latent shit to slowly melt when exposed to hot weather.
Because their star player was stricken with a bout of swampass at a pivotal point in the game, the favored team lost the soccer championship.
by wasabi milkshake August 08, 2004
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