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1. Sweaty taint. Experienced when hot, humid conditions result in sweat between the nutsack and the bunghole. Swaint usually occurs in conjunction with swass and swalls.

CAUTION: If you think you might be experiencing swaint, seek air conditioning and immediately apply a liberal amount of Triple-Action Gold Bond Medicated Powder to your taint and nutsack (if so equipped).
I cut the lawn in the heat yesterday and got a really bad case of swaint. Holy shit, I never knew my taint had so many sweat glands.
by The Slow Kid July 29, 2006
41 5
A combination word that decribes a sweaty taint. Similar to swamp ass.
Johnny: Man, all this humidity has given me a swaint.
by Orville & Theola September 13, 2010
2 4
the wet stain towards the back of a gentleman's pants from the sweat originating in the taint area (the area between the testicles and the anus). Similar to swass or swamp ass, but differentiated by a lower stain. This is particularly common in men with groomed testes
Throw a towel down! I don't want your swaint all over my car.
by mike french June 23, 2011
0 3
Ass sweat. The disgusting wetness that forms at the upper back of your pants, and trickles down the crack of your ass. Southern California
After a day working in the yard, the swaint had ruined his pants.
by fermenter February 02, 2005
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