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A language spoken in many parts of East Africa, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and others. It is a mixture of the native Bantu language and Arabic. Swahili is written in a Roman script (i.e. like English).
Q: What language do they speak in Tanzania?
A: They speak Swahili.
by Nabeel Jafferali June 22, 2004
one of the most complex language on earth.i like swahili it is easy and very nice to speak.i think it should be taught everywhere in the world.
mimi napenda sana kiswahili kwa sababu ni kizuri.
this means that i like swahili because its good.
by ali mohamed March 22, 2006
To goose two fingers up someone's ass when they're not expecting it.
Watch this, I'm going to Swahili Spencer when he bowls. Or I just swahili'd the shit out of jordyn.
you better not Swahili me! I totally gave her the Swahili today and she never saw it coming.
by HAITIAN March 10, 2014
A really cool african language that I know how to swear in.
Natuka kukudinya.
Nyonya Mbo.
Wapi chakula yungu kuro?
Nilete pombe kuro.
by Bee Szabo September 28, 2004
Describes the verbal garbage that is spoken by a severely drunken person.
I had so much to drink last night, that I was speaking swahili.
by Busted Hyman July 04, 2006
silly african language made mostly of clicks and clucks
clikcety clickety clickerty clack cluck cluck cluck
in english:i learned swahili from watching starvin marvin on south park
by Z3r0s3volution May 24, 2009
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