ann abreviation for the phrase 'swith magic' - a powerful Tao used by legendary cassanova and bon-viveur Swith, the patron saint of Weston-super-Mare.
Young Lady: Oh, Swith. The way you woo me with your charms, it's a powerful aphrodisiac!

Swith: That's Swagic, baby.
by Mike Daw March 10, 2005
Top Definition

n.: supernatural swag powers
adj.:(see swagical)
when i hear lil wayne rap, i know that he's got swagic.
by potatosmiles March 25, 2011
Pertaining to both magic and swag.
Ron: Damn Harry, when you took out that snake and eye fucked my sister, that was swagic.

Harry: Shit was so cash.
by Just Kidding Rowling March 25, 2011

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