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Souveniers, Wearables and Gifts
The campaign was donating SWAG to give to potential voters.
by Bruce Dennison March 25, 2004
90 99
a word that needs to be put in the dirt and everyone that says it should kill themselves
Jonny:supp swag
Me:I going home to listen to Rebbecca Black
by Cameron Taylor October 09, 2011
50 38
The way a swaggot thug walks after being fucked in the ass. This is typically shown by sagging, which symbolizes that they've been fucked in the ass before and wish for it again. It is also shown by wearing a flat billed snapback sideways or backwards and wearing vans or chucks.
This trend, known as swag, makes perfect sense due to the fact that swag means Secretly We are Gay. This goes well with sagging which shows that they're available for sex by another male.
by FaZe Temperrrr October 15, 2012
20 9
S.W.A.G stands for the Students With Academic Goals Program or the Swahili Western-Samoa Anti German pact from WWII
George-Hey man im in S.W.A.G
Phil Mickelson-Cool keep up the good work
by Isaac returns May 30, 2012
36 25
A pirates booty, loot, treasure, or stolen goods.
May also be used with respect to thieves (but not scumbag robbers)
Pirate captain: Yarh lads stash the swag in the hold.

Police detective: ...and that's when they made off with the pile of swag.
by The Titchinator August 30, 2013
10 1
A word to define someone who is gay, but does not realize it themselves or has made aware of it to the public. Swag as an acronym spells out "Secretly We Are Gay".
The guy giving the other guy a blowjob and saying that he is not gay is such a swag.

Stranger: Yo, check out ma swag nigga!
Mike: Yep, go fiddle a dick homo.
by SomeDudeIDunno November 21, 2012
27 18
Makes up a good portion of why the world is as fucking stupid as it is. Coupled with the words YOLO, gay, and fag/faggot, this word is powerful enough to stop an intelligent person's heart.
Man educated by the public school system: #SWAG!

Me: Prepare to die.
by Chowder183 September 23, 2012
31 22
A way insipid, vulgar, idiots present themselves. Summarized as the opposite of class.
"I Gott Swag Likee A Boss, Niqqa!"

An illiterate dumbass with his pants around his knees, and wearing a backwards pointing snapback who tends to listen to Lil Wayne, T.I. Chris Brown, and Drake.
by LOLZname July 15, 2012
16 7