To be fly and be able to move through matters in an easy maner or to be able to go through your life soley on your swagger.
I've been just swag surfing for the past few days
by iandakid23 May 29, 2009
When your swag reaches new levels and generates enough energy to create its own momentum, and your body literally starts to move and function solely from swag.

The average white male's swag needs to be on at least 100 million to swag surf. Black guys can usually swag surf simply by wearing ice or buying new rims for their impala.
When I showed up to the spot last night my swag was on 100 million. Niggas was givin me daps, bitches givin hugs, and next thing I new I was swag surfing!
by Mick_Swagger May 04, 2011
1. When one has so much swag that they can surf on it.

2. When one is really hyped up and is going ham.
"Oh my gosh! I won the lottery! I'm swag surfing!"

"Damn, I can't believe I made it to the best Urban Dictionary entrees ever! Swag surfing!"
by Swagsurfer September 20, 2013
Swerving in and out of your lane when driving under the influence.
"After the party I attempted to drive home and my friend kept commenting on my swag surfing."
by Swag Surfer Champ December 07, 2009
online shopping, especially shopping online for clothes
its almost time to go back to college...i think ill do some swag surfing!
by Nate m fin Henry January 08, 2010

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