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Standard Definition:
1. Generally used as adjective to describe a startling surprising event.
2. May also be used as a substitute for a noun.
Legal Definition:
803(1)&(2) Federal Rules of Evidence
(1) Present sense Impression; or
(2) an excited utterance.
Origins of the word: Cyclone By Baby Bash, at 0:05 seconds
Your welcome.
"Swa-na-nanana! That burrito is huge!"

"It's admissible because it falls under the exception of swa-na-nanana."
by The Ponte Vedra Angels November 30, 2007
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It means let's have sex while doing things. A multi tasking of activities one of those activities being sex.
Let's get high swanananana
by SteelToeKing January 08, 2015

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