Slang; short form of savage

1. denotes emphasis, usually in a positive or mock-positive light; the precise quality that is being emphasized is generally dependant upon context

Svg is very often used sarcastically.
Person One: <some sort of commendable display>
Person Two: Dude! Svg!


Person One: <relates a story of woe and bad luck>
Person Two: Wow, that was a svg mise.
by Darklight April 08, 2005
Top Definition
Stands for scalable vector graphics. An image format that is infinitely scalable, without stretching out pixels. Not typically used for photographs, but for more abstract style graphics. Uses shapes and paths, along with algorithms to determine how to scale an image: a mathematical formula is applied to each element to make the graphic bigger.
Inkscape is my favorite SVG editor!
by Very Purpley November 25, 2011
An unstable syndrome that is both dangerous and deadly. Catching a case of SVG is hazardous to your health. Side effects may include:

Vomiting, lack of commitment, vertigo, heighten sexual prowess, unexplainable lesions, itching, confusion, general lack of interest, spontaneous combustion, migraines, and a highly addictive urge to sing emo rock songs have been know to occur. Liver failure, weight fluctuation, and profuse sweating have been proven in male case studies.

Consult with your physician if prolong exposure is planned.
: dude, I haven't seen you in a month, how've you been?

: not so good, I caught a case of the SVG.

:man, I had that last year, how's the rash?
by QFunk May 14, 2010
svg's definition is completely dependant on context.

1.When placed before an adjective it describes the severity or intensity.

2. When used alone, it depends on context. Usual translations are...
Ex1: I gave him a svg beating.
Ex2: That was decidedly unsvg.
by The_Sage October 14, 2003
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