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Simply a variant of sweet. However, its existence is needed as svet has a more defined meaning. It never means cute, or sugary, but simply cool, but more importantly it refers to action or speech someone has just accomplished
Mark just rinsed a teacher.

John syas to mark: "svet"

Someone kills anothe guy on a videogame - svet.
by JWBJWBJWB November 01, 2008
9 2

adj- a word that describes something as cool or awesome
Person #1: I just went to see Fidel Castro in Cuba
Person #2: That is so svet!

Person #1: I just pwned a n00b in Battlefield Vietnam, I beat him by 50 points.
Person #2: That's so svet!
by Xavier Dedoroff March 15, 2007
11 4
an obsessive hoe that after ending some kind of connection with, will go out of her way to ruin your life
God damnit Alana your such a fucking svet, just because i didn't like you and you liked me doesn't mean you gotta start shit.
by TMOC November 10, 2008
10 14