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unexsplained teen death ushally exspressed in teen suicide
the cops ruled the teens death as sussy it will later be re-exsamined to find the ending cause.
by sussy January 25, 2006
a gift or small present
My second-grade niece gave me a sussy she made in school.
by phoenix9477 January 12, 2005
Suspect. Not believable. Questionable.
That story that he told about meeting Jay-Z was sussy.
by Felone April 23, 2008
The term 'sussy' is derived from the word 'hussy', although with a bit of a twist. It refers to a sassy hussy.
>Can you believe she got him to sleep with her?

>> Oh, he didn't have a chance against that sussy!
by CT_Cat May 12, 2009
the name given to someone who looks suss, and/or is acting suspect.(dodgy)
oi lad, look at that sussy, what do u reckon he's up to????
by [DIE]KHaOS April 21, 2006
Silly Unavoidable Sarcastically Stupid Young'un...a.k.a jr. high boys that hit on highschool girls
That sussy guy hit on my at the mall yesterday; I was absolutely mortified!
by Laura and Jessica June 01, 2006