The straps hanging from a suspender belt that hold up a girl's stockings. More commonly used term in England. There are usually 2, 4, or 6 suspenders with 4 and 6 being the most common.
I saw a girl trying on shoes the other day and got a fantastic view up her skirt. My cock got an instant hard on when I saw she was wearing stockings and suspenders.
by Mickeymysterious1 April 24, 2009
Top Definition
the best addition to any outfit
great on any guy, not so great on chix cuz they have to either smush or go around the boobs
everyone wears suspenders
if you watched "gone in 60 seconds," sphinx, memphis' friend wore them, and he was kick ass
by the guy who wrote this April 05, 2006
When a girls tits are laying out and too much cleavage is exposed
person: Hey Rebecca! you need some suspenders!
by Liz Waters December 27, 2006
An excuse that nerds have been using for years to explain why they are unable to obtain pleasureful blowjobs.
Nerd: "Dude, I totally would have gotten a blowjob, but it would have been too much trouble to remove my suspenders in order to drop my khakis to my penny loafers, exposing my penis and testicles."
Other: "Why did'nt you just pull it out of your fly?"
Nerd: "Suspenders, chess, Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter, pocket protector, compuuuuter........." (hangs himself)
by William Stephens April 22, 2006
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