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a hot cutie who gets all the guys.
person with sweet personality.
damn, look at that susie in a red dress!
by wildawv April 20, 2009
219 284
-The police (blue-boys) & Narcs. Used as an alet to tell everyone to act right."
"Thats SUSIE to your left."
by Quel November 02, 2005
60 149
a girl who is very k00L. uber fobby. and is one of the bestest friends in the world. one who you can count on to make you smile.
susie is the k00Lest!
by laLALa October 20, 2004
299 397
a susie is a person who is muchos exotic and tropical and is KOOL FOR KITTENS AND i have love for her, she makes guys wanna ding dong
''god, i totally wanna ding dong that susie, she'd well get it''
by NIC-O-LA February 19, 2005
94 389