A word usually used to describe a chief lunger, pint gunner and FAB attender.
A person usually known for consuming beverages through a cheese grater and for showing off her beer baby! What a lady! Noone can understand the single status!! Susannah = catch!
by fellow lunger + FABee!! April 28, 2009
Top Definition
The most caring, compassionate, and amazing girl in the world. She is never too loud, and is always able to tell when it's appropriate to have a sense of humor. She is never down, and is always giving off good, positive energy. It doesn't hurt that she's amazingly beautiful either.
"Who's that that just made your day?"
"Oh, that's Susannah"
by Davihomie October 06, 2013
a being who is always late, a freakishly hard worker, super cool, is an obsession of many weird men, an occassional lit skipper, a fellow lover of yogiberry, all around super cool person and most of all very knubsy!!!
He is such a susannah because he showed up an hour late to work. That girl is such a susannah meaning that she is very sexy.
by ajezz January 20, 2009
Meaning Lilly of the Valley.

Effortlessly Beautiful. A Graceful Dancer.

Flawless Beauty Shines Bright and Draws People Close.

Wisdom and Grace she gives to her Friends who Adore her but Revenge to those who are Cruel and Diserving more then they Bargained for.

Loyal, Honest, Strong, Confident, Bright and True. You can always count one her.

A sister, A mother, A Friend, A Lover. She is all these and more.

If you gain her Love never loose it or it will be lost Forever.
I wish I was a Susannah

That flower is such a Susannah

All the men want to be with a Susannah

Yesterday's Audrey Hepburn is Today's Susannah
by MessyMarvin October 15, 2013
a girl who appears to be nice, but lures men in with her hoodrat ways, and spits them out. she is thought to be very confident, but vanity is commonly confused with confidence. she thinks shes beautiful, and has many girl friends, but no close reliable friends.
that bitch is a complete susannah :(
by zazkeg January 10, 2012
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