A jokingly term used to describe "Rape" in Adult Japanese Animation Anime i.e. Hentai Manga Doujinshi etc.
A women opens door to her bedroom

a man is on her bed smiling

he grabs her and begins having his way with her

And says surprise sex time!
by Shinji Ex April 16, 2011
the act of having intercourse without the other partner knowing about it at first commonly confused with rape your partner may scream NO!, Stop!, and Dont! but a kind reply of Surprise will let them know what is happening.
After Diane's Birthday party she was so wasted Jake totally surprised sex'd her, boy was she pissed the next morning.

Q: Would you try to stop her if she tried to rape you?
A: No I happen to be a fan of surprise sex I love gifts
by Yaahwayy the Great November 16, 2010
1. Unannounced and/or forcible sex which ISN'T rape. The kind performed in roleplay, in "dom/sub relationships", and in certain orgy/rock-star-groupie type situations.

2. The old male trick of pulling the penis out of the girl's cunt and slipping it up her shit-hole.
e.g: you can tell a true "do-me girl" by the fact she can't remember her last fuck which wasn't surprise sex
by su france April 07, 2010
aka rape
Just say 'No!' to surprise-sex; Men can stop surprise-sex; He experienced surprise-sex while in the mental hospital as a kid (see Tove).
by Piggy Noles October 07, 2003
Many say it is rape and you're only partially right. It is rape but with a willing victim. More like roleplaying with someone who trusts you. By no means inflict surprise sex on someone without their consent...preferably in writing.
You can't rape the willing, so now it's just surprise sex!
by Death's Stalker September 29, 2007
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