A 3rd of Ameretto a 3rd of vodka and a 3rd of baileys Irish cream. Pours in a shot glass vodka 1st then ameretto then the baileys and enjoy.
Delicious shotty aka the beat shot ever called surprise Buttsex
by DjoneZ October 29, 2011
Top Definition
Anal sex, only unexpected. If you were suddenly penetrated anally, you'd be surprised too.
*Sneaks up behind a person* Surprise buttsex!
by Forced anonymous March 30, 2006
to randomly dry hump someone from behind
Joey: SURPRISE BUTT SEX!!!!! *dry hump's yuig*
Yuig: Joey, with you its never a surprise...
by motherly love January 17, 2010
When a girl is having sex with a guy doggy style, going at it really hard and fast and one of the times his penis comes out as hes putting it back in he misses the vagina and puts it in the butt!
Girl 1: so how was jimmy last night?

Girl 2: girl he was good except he was fucking me doggy style and he gave me some surprise butt sex! And now im sore cuz jimmys got a big dick

Girl 3: ooh girl you so lucky!
by leslieann918 February 03, 2011
When you are caught off guard by someone who has the intention or is in the process of invading your cornchute with no prior concent or chance of warning.
Sucker punched in the turdcutter with a penis.

Jamie bent over in the shower and received surprise butt sex from Mike
by sexerscise instructor February 12, 2014
Very hott anal intercourse brought on by an erect penis or three and a surprised anus that will soon feel the smooth stabbing feeling of the penis(es) ripping open their tight anus hole. brought on without consent. often causes internal bleeding and projectile diarrhea.
Those three guys from work were in the stockroom after hours at work when I bent over only to find 3 penises ripping apart my anus hole.

by the anus man July 10, 2008
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