The paying of a credit card with money from another credit card.
I was broke, so I did some surfing to pay my bills.
by Primordial Warlock February 16, 2010
A style of game play in the game Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike:Source. A "Surf Map" is a map made where the goal is to "surf" on "ramps" to get to areas of the map which contain weapons. A typical ramp is shaped like "/\". To surf on this ramp you would hold the Right strafe key (D) when you are on the Left side ( / ) of the ramp, and the Left strafe key (A) when you are on the Right side ( \ ) of the ramp.
CS:S Player 1:Have you tried surfing yet?
CS:S Player 2:Yeah, it's friggin sweet!

UBER CS:S CAL Member:Fags.
by Shawn Russow February 06, 2008
The process of vomitting, usually alcohol, out a car window while moving at a high rate of speed.
Kevin was surfing while I drove home from the bar.
by Frank Walsh March 12, 2007
the shittest sport in the shittest world
Kris: i know you like bodyboarding but is surfing good?
Alex: Just get out of my house...right now!!!!!
Kris: ok chum
by Kris Engelhardt October 08, 2005

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