A truely respectful person due to our true respect for the ocean, which is how we are all linked together.
If a girl is crying in the corner of a room the first person to talk to her will be a surfer, or gay.
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by dumdork55 April 18, 2007
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A person who feels like a bad day in the water is ten times better than a good day out of it.
by ripcurlgirl September 15, 2004
surfers are not stoners. it is incredibly difficult to get high off your ass the night before and paddle out in 50 degree water at 5:30. true surfers cannot be stoners for the sake of being capable to actually surf.

one who surfs. often found in australia, california, hawaii, new zealand, and many other shore-lying regions.

a surfer IS NOT any other person who wears billabong, volcom, roxy etc. and says "dude", "bro", "surfs up", etc. thats just what the media makes us out to be. surfers are also stereotyped as being male, that is very not true. some of the greatest surfers out there are female such as Keala Kennelly, Layne Beachley, Rochelle Ballard, Lisa Anderson, etc.

possibly the most serene, logical, loving, peaceful people out there. and im proud to be one of them.
fakeperson: "dude bro lets go catch some waves man! ive been surfing since forever im practically pro!!!"

surfer: "k meet me at the pier at 4a.m. for a sesh tomorrow morning bring a longsuit itll be about 42 degrees. 12 foot waves, no prob. oh and after we'll go to the jack johnson concert and get some mexican food. is san o ok? i know a spot where its pretty secluded, kindy rocky so bring your booties. Maybe meverick's would be better what do you think? how many boards do you have? i have a good sized quiver, like 4, gettin a new one in october once i get enough money to buy one. oh do you mind getting some stickybumps down the street? what kinds of boards do you have? im taking my ezera out tomorrow havent ridden her in a while. uhh you okay you look confused"

fakeperson: (has no idea what the surfer just said) "uhh ya im cool, bro. uhh ya i dont think i can make it i have uhh a doctors appointment"

surfer: "at 4 a.m.?"

fakeperson: (dsfjhsdkjfhskdjfnhkjsdhfkjsdfkjhsdf IM STUPID)
#surf #cool #west coast #surfette #betty #honey
by livelovelaughsurf June 04, 2006
A rare form of the homo sapien. Rarely found, nearly extinct. Supposedly inhabits the coastlines of North America and Hawaii.

Beware of the many impersonators of this rare organism. There are at least 10 impersonating posers for every 1 authentic surfer.
Fuckin' posers ruin this fuckin' sport, wheres Dora when you need him.
by Dylan Hamilton April 04, 2005
A surfer, as it would seem to me, is just someone who enjoys surfing,who loves the feeling of riding the last set,Who doesn't give a shit about "posers".Who cares who poses as what?
A surfer would not give a fuck what others think or pose as.
#surfer #surfing #board #riding #posers
by Katy360 March 29, 2006
A surfer is someone that surfs for the pure enjoyment of the sport / lifestyle.. not to get into a "popular" clique at school or for any reason other than what I said.

A surfer IS:

- someone who surfs SOLELY because it is fun
- someone that doesn't care about their social image, if surfing affects it for better or for worse.
- someone who is honest about their ability.
- someone that always has plenty of aloha
- doesn't hang out with the other "surfers" - the other "surfers" are posers.
- anyone that can stand up on a board while riding a wave- even if it is just whitewash. it still is riding a wave.

A surfer is NOT:

- someone who always brags about how good they are, or always talks about it.
- someone who always wears the newest clothes from Quiksilver, Billabong, Volcom, etc..
- someone who calls beginner surfers "kooks".. or just uses the word kook.
- a stoner.
- a punk
- someone who always has "something to do" when you ask them to go surfing.

Me: Those surfer posers at that "cool kid" hang out look pathetic.
Friend: Yeah, all the true surfers don't hang there. They just be themselves and hang out with their true friends; like you.
Me: Mhmm.
Friend: All the good surfers hang out there with all the hot girls, why don't you hang out there.
Me: All the good and true surfers don't hang out there. Those surfers are posers; ones that surf or pretend to surf just to be "cool". They're losers.
Friend: OH.. never knew that.
#surf #surfer #poser #pretend #fake #cool
by Trent from Hawai'i December 17, 2009
surfer is somone who jst likes to hang back with his buds sit out in the water and ride a few sets even if its only 2 ft wind swell..and who will wake up at 4 am jst to get that one hour before the tide goes up in alomst pitch black conditions.....jst laid back people that wann enjoy life and are completly obsessed with that drop in rush
east coast of florida locals who will go out in anything jst to have a good time...thats a surfer
#surfer #relaxed #surfing #surf #waves
by cubano22 November 27, 2007
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