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Another term for cologne; inspired by the thought (or hope) that all it takes for a guy to score is to not smell bad.
Larry: Come on, Gord! We're gonna be late for the goddam party!

Gord: Hold your water, dude! I can't find my sure-fuck!
by Hey-Johnny-Johnny May 29, 2006
7 14

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A fragrance applied prior to heading out for a night on the town; the intention being, that the fragrance will attract a suitable mate.
Before we go, let me splash on a bit of surefuck.
by Dr Mafesto May 05, 2006
21 1
Another term for cologne, describing its desired effect.
"There'll be loads of ladies around tonight. Better put some sure fuck on."
by Kat Gwilliam October 24, 2006
13 8