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A mis-guided sewer rat who lives up in Norte Calipa tryin to claim 13. (Someone who lives a short pathetic life)
A sur rata was killed yesterday night after wandering into the wrong teritory suspects were said to be all flamed up. ;)
by 114%busta March 19, 2005
Term used by XIV or Norteño gang members(usually in northern california and usually hispanic) to put down rival gang members X3 sureños(usually in southern california and usually hispanic also.) although both gangs are spread out through the united states.

"Fuck them surratas ese! It's all about The Big Bad Norte"
by Thoughtful GanGsta' August 01, 2007
Surenos, mexicans claiming SUR 13 this is what chapetes often call them to anger them. saying that they are " sewer rats"
Look at that sur rata, lets go before he beats are ass.
by hg July 31, 2003
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