Waking up in bed with you partner and realizing you having sex whilst still half asleep, both unaware you were doing it.
Tara talking to Sheryl: DJ and I woke up this morning having suprise sex, I was shocked but enjoyed it very much!!
by sheryl williams November 23, 2007
Top Definition
Sex that the recipient didn't realize they agreed to.
Chick: "Kobe totally raped me from behind. I didn't want to have sex with him. I'm calling the cops."
Lawyer: "Nah, it was just suprise sex. You were asking for it."
Chick: "Oh, cool."
by poohbah May 18, 2006
Sometimes called rape, it is the act of having sex with someone when they are not expecting it.
John gave Janet suprise sex.
"Suprise, sex!"
by liastd November 18, 2006
Also known as rape. Though some argue that hollering "Suprise" before the act of raping someone thus makes it suprise sex. a crime which is less severe than rape but is still looked down upon by; teachers, mothers, and the pope.
"suprise what?"
"suprise sex bitch stop screamin'."
by KEEPING January 11, 2009
.....just think about it...say it again to your self...think....think...if you still didn't get it...its just a nice way of saying...RAPE..thats all it is..
The Predator awaits behind a bush watching a 11teen year-old girl walking down the side walk towards the bush. The Predator thinks, "oh i'm gonna give her some SUPRISE SEX and its going to be good, maybe not for her, but no doubt i'll enjoy it."
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