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variation of jesus juice, god juice or passion of christ but instead of chardonnay or champaigne Sambuca is used
"my god thats not jesus juice!"
"no its Supreme being."
by Winkin kitten June 06, 2004
1. Being better than everyone else.
2. Loves to wear Supreme and is normally a Bape-hater.
3. Loves Supreme.
4. Better than everyone else practically
5. Everyone else wants to be one.
"Check out Ray's dope tee. He's such a supreme being!"
by imhysteria April 12, 2006
Kazaa Lite cheater.

Originally a Kazaa user with lots of lots of shared files but once Kazaa cheats got around, everybody was a Supreme Being.
I just banned this Supreme Being l4m3r!
by Acariquara November 04, 2003