alternatively: Support-Hockey

The act of being the puck, shot from support person to support person in an effort to frustrate you into hanging up.

Past tense: suppocked
I called up my ISP's DSL support because my shitty DSL wasn't working only to discover that they like playing suppockey. F-them, I'm going to the competitor's cable modem service.

I went into Nordstrom's and got suppocked when I tried to return that Xmas present without a receipt. It took 2 hours, man that sucked.
by Jack Gozinya February 12, 2010
Top Definition
A shower game played in teams of 2 on 2 in a large shower. A variation between hockey and handball. Played on hands and knees and hands are used to shoot the puck which is soap. A gentleman's game.
I scored two goals last night while playing suppockey in the dressing room after our hockey practice.
by dLo3 October 20, 2009
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