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(n.) The main pile of cocaine that is set aside. The rails are then pulled out as they are being consumed.

*WARNING* Do not under any circumstance snort the supply line (accidentally or purposely)! Could be fatal by either O.D. or severely pissing off a bunch of fiending coke heads who now have no more coke.
Damn! That dude just did the supply line. He is a dead man for sure!
by BBradsky October 18, 2006
1. A side mission in GTA: San Andreas that involves disposing 3 vans, 2 motorcycles with one model plane. After numerous (failed) attempts due to fuel shortage and crappy handling, the player spouts a trillion curse words and angrily hurls PS2 out the window.

2. Something seemingly impossible unless you know the secret.

3. A simple task that pisses off millions around the globe.
(Gamer) "I !@#$ hate supply lines!!"

(Gamer): "Hmm, you save fuel by not moving the plane."

(Sumo Wrestler): "Hai!, I @#$ hate supply lines!!"
by Vanessa December 01, 2004
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