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A term used to describes a high powered tv or radio station that could be reached to millions of viewers & listeners using high power broadcasting antennas that are up to 100,000 watts strong. Superstations usally have a range of 200-400 miles (for television station) & on over 900-1000 miles (for radio station including night broadcast) & this was before,cable,satellite tv & internet services made thier apperances!
KTLA,XEJ,KNXT(Now KCBS)CJON,KSTM,XEW,KNME are t.v. sperstations & KNX,KCBS-AM,WHO,KSL-AM,KOY-AM,WSM-AM,XPRS,XEROK & WBAF are radio superstations.
by BruinKiller3469 March 26, 2009
total bullshit. most americans know the atlanta-based cable network TBS, and that it was formerly called Superstation TBS. instead of using the acronym for Total BullShit, TBS, one can say 'superstation' instead.
say you're playing call of duty and someone kills you from the other side of the map with a single bullet to the head from a thompson, you might exclaim, "that's fucking superstation."
by jibo March 15, 2007
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