An annoying term first coined in order to make Beast feel better about the amount of time spent in pursuit of 'fame' in the NS community. Fallen into disuse since the 2.0 release and the subsequent 2.01d patch which reduced leap damage allowing marines an easier time dispatching them.
by Tiio September 09, 2003
Top Definition
Deserved to be rounded up and gassed.
Coil gassed a hundred superskulks last week!
by \o September 01, 2003
A skulk possessing a large number of upgrades in NS:C, so as to be able to defeat enemies normally beyond the abilities of the skulk.
OMG! That skulk has every possible upgrade! WATCH OUT FOR THE SUPERSKULK!
by random NS vet January 10, 2004
A Skulk (natural-selection character) Under the control of Beast.
"superskulk, AWAY!!"
by Beast August 01, 2003
A skulk possessing clerity, carapace and under the control of Beast ^-^
Super-Skulk, AWAY!!
by Beast July 25, 2003

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