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A male does a female (ho) in the butt and pulls out in time splooge on her back. Then allows the ho to roll over and fall asleep on her back. The next morning the sheets will be stuck to her back like superman's cape. Resulting in a superman ho!
Superman a hoooooooooooooo!
by Bryan87 September 27, 2007
2236 987
it's when you skeet on a ho's back, and then the bedsheet sticks to her, making a superman-style cape.
i'm really hoping to superman a ho tonight, cause i'm all kinds of freeky like that.
by dmsOne October 01, 2007
1116 585
Superman-ing a ho is when someone treats his lady with love, loyalty, dignity and respect, much like our man Clark does with Lois. Regardless of how long he may have been trapped in another dimension with the essentially greek goddess Wonder Woman (it was something like 1000 years), Kal-El just says "I'm sorry, but I love Lois."

That's how it's done!

Example of the widely misunderstood "superman a ho":

"Wow Grant, you're grandparents have been together for 80 years and she still holds his hand??"

"Absolutely, Geoff, he's been superman-ing that ho since they met."

"Wicked sick, let's go get snow cones."
by XxxSexDooD69XxX April 18, 2009
567 633
What it REALLY means is being so balls-deep in a ho that you can lift your hands and feet up off whatever surface you're screwing on, with your arms out forward and your legs straight back, so you're being supported on top of her only by your groin. Do that, and it looks like you're Superman.

THAT is what it means.
My date was wigglin her ass so high in the air I just lifted up and superman a ho
by Sup Sup Superman January 31, 2008
346 624
To consistently lie to a ho whilst wearing glasses.
so there i was getting my dick sucked, and i was all, Britney Spears is a damn fine musician. Thats how I superman a ho. I superman her good.
by lex luther March 13, 2008
211 584
a rap term used to describe when a male dives head first into a female (Ho's) vagina. it resembles superman flying into a metor. can cause severe vaginal damage.
Wheres ure sister at? i need to superman a ho!
by Johoey August 26, 2007
319 1733