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it's peaceful goodness
when they conk you on the head with their billysticks, zap them right back with superlove.
by emily bo-bemily August 27, 2006
when you love someone more than words can ever express how much they mean to you
I superlove my girlfriend Khalicakes
by fa3262 November 14, 2010
Loving another individual to an unspecified degree that he or she cannot possibly comprehend.
I Super Love you
by Encentrik January 06, 2011
it is a PROVEN fact that charlie loves bridget MORE then she loves him.
oh my goodness charlie superloves bridget more
by fgagasdfa June 04, 2007
when a dude cums on a girl's face
I gave your mom some superlove last night
by blackisthelastthingyoullsee June 19, 2010