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Being super and fabulous all at once
that Dior bracelet is even more superfantabulous than the gucci boots i got on sale in harper!!! =)
by N =) January 22, 2009
the queer way of saying, "I'm fine." "How are you?"
Ryan asks Josh how he's doing. Josh says "I'm Super Fantabulous."
by Ryan M. & Andrew R. November 29, 2006
the absolute best.The ultimate in anything. A noun,adjective.To be used when something or someone is over the top.Always have excitement in the voice when using this word..a must.
you are the most superfantabulous person I have ever met.
by Maggie May April 15, 2005
a combination, and therefore 3x as great as, super fantastic and fabulous. used only in extraordinary situtations.
"you've just won 1,000,000,000,000!!!"
by muso67 September 29, 2003
wikid, awesome, sweet
that was a superfantabulous day
by Sam S September 29, 2003

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