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1.) noun. -an extremly lage dick
2.) noun. -a person that is far more than your regular dick
3.) verb. -the action of fucking someone with a superdick

1.) girl: i bet u small
boy: naw lil mama i got a super dick
2.) man that dude is a superdick always doin somethin stupid

3.) Hey you see that girl over there i superdicked her bitch-ass
by L-K May 14, 2007
8 2
An all around, know it all jackass. The pompous ass.
Jack was being a super dick the other day, giving everyone smartass comments and a new low, grope the boss's daugher infront of the mother fucker.
by kevinizz1e July 10, 2008
20 4
A huge penis. A penis all the girls want. It gives the woman an ability to orgasm!
Look up in the sky! Is it a bird, is it a plane? NO! Its Superdick!!
by porrazzo January 25, 2009
16 4
The only word that can describe the person being the biggest dick in the room.
Wow Aaron Miller is being the superdick tonight.
by DmitriKirilenko September 07, 2012
4 0