Furry round the edges, shiny in the middle: a generally bizare and creepy individual.
Note the furry exterior and shiny interior. After thorough examination we can conclude this specimen is indeed a 'super creep'.
by Nina O'Grongle June 19, 2008
Top Definition
The act of being a creep but on steroids, a guy who creeps girls out from over 50 feet away.

Involves knowing where a girl hangs out on weekends before you have met her in person, and Facecreepingwhile wearing dark sunglasses and a trenchcoat for 3 hours per day.

Originated and pefected by Rich from Whalley(Surrey)who has since founded the Surrey SuperCreep Institute where he presently guides over 100 Surrey creeps on their way to becoming a SuperCreep!
When your girlfriend says to you after meeting Rich for the first time "Geez that guy sure seemed creepy, he was trying to get my address and birth date, what a supercreep!"
by Richthecreep October 02, 2008
A person- who you added on Facebook even though you don't know them very well or might not even know them at all- who comments on your pictures, statuses, or posts.
Liz: Some random girl commented on my profile picture and said "I don't even know you... but you're really pretty!"

Joe: Whoah.... she's definitely a super creep...
by call it like you see it February 17, 2011
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