A huge bowl that can contain a large amount of weed. Also the football championship game.
We're gonna smoke from the superbowl, then watch the superbowl!
by 'sup P September 21, 2004
An overly popularized American Sporting event but for on reason at all nine million people around the world watch it.
omg, the only interesting part of the whole superbowl was the halftime show.
by jackindabox February 02, 2004
An event with all the pomp and circumstance you'd expect from the Americans, despite the fact they're the only nation on Earth who gives a shit about this 'sport' (rugby with pads)
Man 1: Alright mate, you goin' to the Superbowl this Saturday?
Man 2: Nah, i'm gonna watch the footie down the pub, get pissed and have a fight. Fancy it?
Man 1: Sounds good. Mine's a Carling.
by Blitz-Matt February 02, 2004
Noun. A large sporting event that keeps the male of the species fixated on their television screens and in perfect health for its duration. At the end of the game, those in imperfect health resume the regular rate of calls for oxygen, ambulances, and other health services across the nation. This factoid is documented at answering services for these providers everywhere.
The annual football competition so named. For example: The Super Bowl was held in Detroit in 2006.
by Joyce Boles February 05, 2006
The most accurate depiction of the American lifestyle, which includes consuming, yelling, flashy lights, and idolizing overpaid mongoloids who contribute nothing to society. All while ignoring important issues in the world around them.

The event lasts approximately 17 hours: 14 of which is devoted to advertising products that nobody needs, and the rest is allotted for performances by bland, overhyped pop stars with next to no talent.

There is no actual game played during this event. You see athletes performing tasks such as running, but only about every 5 minutes and it's only for about 4 seconds at a time, then they stop what they are doing and go to commercial.

The truth is that nobody really likes the super bowl. The only reason one would watch this event is because everyone else is watching it, and humans have this psychological need for group solidarity, no matter what bland, inane activity that group happens to be devoted to.

Watching the super bowl (or any sporting event) is like going to church: it's boring, it's repetitive, you can't distinguish one session from another, you don't really know why you're there, and you get nothing out of it in the end. You only do it because you feel as though you are supposed to.
Jackass: Hey, you gonna watch the super bowl this weekend?
Me: No, I'd rather do something fun or interesting.
by The Bad Guy February 04, 2007
An annual event in which Janet Jackson exposes her boob to millions of people worldwide (with the help of Justin Timberlake).
"Are you going to the Stripbowl tonight?"
by Dustin Wilcox February 03, 2004
Pretty much what everyone else said before. Superbowl XXXVIII (38) was in Houston, Texas on February 1, 2004.
You'll know how much hype the Superbowl gets over half a year in advance if it ever comes to your town.
by kaze2k5 February 08, 2004
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