when someone hikes you the bowl and then light it, rip it, then paaasss it out, and go deep! then repeat.
yo brah, had a really gay-jizzy day, one u nukkas pack me a superbowl!
by LeeR Kman February 05, 2008
When the top two teams of the league, one from the AFC and one from the NFC, play for the title. this year its between the patriots and panthers. oh yeah and its the best thing ever, next to bacon.
Man, the panthers will get pwned by the pats in the superbowl this year.
by Beachbum January 30, 2004
gives a bunch of guys reasons to sit on there butts.. more than usally. watch TV, drink beer, chips an other beer gut gaining foods. all over a game on TV.and not do anything all day.
just about every house in the USA.
by kellogs February 01, 2004
When packing a weed bowl, the marijuana exceeds the capacity of the bowl and overflows.
Dude, we only got enough for a super bowl, should be enough to get us stoned.
by e-nastay August 12, 2008
The super bowl is an overglorified football game and the culmination of the professional football season. This also involves many ads which account for more of the duration of this event than the game itself. These ads are often moronic and often involve half-nude chicks. There is also a halftime show where shitty music acts perform their bubble-gum songs. And perhaps, 'entertain' the men.
GAME: This year, its the Seahawks versus the Steelers.

ADS: There is a rush to get a 30 second timeslot for ads during the super bowl. An example of an ad will be Jessica Simpson(probably half nude) advertising Pizza Hut's cheesy sticks or whatever the hell its called. Also expect many Budweiser ads

MUSIC: Janet Jackson did her famous boob act a few years ago. But this year is special. The Rolling Stones will be performing at halftime, so thats a breath of fresh air. I may just watch the halftime for the Stones and then the end to see the score.
by Still Life Tonight February 05, 2006
In terms of weed it's a bowl that holds at least a nickel, but preferably a dime. If smoked to the head it will be the best bowl pack of your life. Should be used with caution
Person 1:Yo wanna pack the super bowl and watch half baked?
Person 2:Hell yeah yo
by super bowler January 30, 2009
A huge bowl that can contain a large amount of weed. Also the football championship game.
We're gonna smoke from the superbowl, then watch the superbowl!
by 'sup P September 21, 2004

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