Just another excuse to gamble, drink and eat and sit on your ass all day long and actually believe the players on the other side of the television can hear you and your obnoxious testosterone.
Be quiet and pass me the tacos, chilli, chips, a few beers and the squares while I watch the superbowl game.
by Jennifer0911 February 03, 2008
an emense marijuana smoking device tha can be made of wood, ceramics, or glass. to be considered a superbowl the pack of the bowl must be roughly the area of a loveseat.
"dude, that isn't a loveseat, its my superbowl. wanna PIU"
by zombie jesus christ April 16, 2009
a way to get your girlfriend\wife to watch football.

only they watch it for commercials and a bad half time show.
bring back the bud-bowl
by ihatecooper January 30, 2004
The act of dumping and nutting in someones mouth at the same time.
Trey: What did you do last night?
Alex: I played in the super bowl with your mother.
by Ramsey Nehemiah June 28, 2010
1.)a really large quantity of marijuana smoked at one time out of one smoking device.

2.)a stoner holiday that occurs every year on the same day as the lesser known Superbowl of the NFL. Much marijuana and munchies are consumed on this day. This day is generally accepted in the stoner community as just another excuse to consume large amounts of intoxicants.
Woah, I smoked a bunch of superbowls on the superbowl on sunday, I think I'm still stoned.
by KyLEEEW April 19, 2008
The game in which the two best teams from both divisions compete to crown the championship. An excellent sporting event that people outside of the US feel that they can't like for some strange reason.
American: Hey you wanna watch some of the superbowl?

Someone outside of US: Of course not because clearly our football is superior.

American: I didn't say whether one was better than the other. I just wondered if you wanted to watch it.

Someone outside of US: No, because I'm an arrogant dickhead who feels like I can't degrade myself to watch something that an American likes.
by k_money November 15, 2004
a football game with a half time show where janet jacksons boob pops out after justin rips her shirt off
did you watch the superbowl this weekend? that was the best damn half time show ever!
by nicole February 03, 2004

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