Name for the biggest professional sporting venue, the National Football League (NFL). The Super Bowl debuted in 1966. Since then it has become the biggest event in all of sports. With the number of spectators in attendance, the amount of revenue created through t.v. ads/commercials, high profile celebrity attendance, and t.v. ratings that surpass any other sporting championship ratings.
Coach Vince Lombardi won the first Super Bowl, coaching the Green Bay Packers. The Pittsburgh Steelers won the latest Super Bowl in Super Bowl XL (40) in 2006.
by Chad Lilly February 18, 2006
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The proving grounds to see the best of the best football teams. Or a chance to blow a perfect season!
Jack: "Dude, did you see the Patriots and Giants Superbowl Game?"
Jill: "Ya, so much for being perfect when it counts."
by Mikey13 February 06, 2008
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the long anticipated bong hit after a long day
Dude, today sucked. When I get home I'm having a super bowl.
by poochunks February 24, 2006
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It is where you pack five different kinds of weed into one massive bowl and smoke it. Then you eat a mushroom after you are super blazed you will trip balls... your world will melt away and damn.... do it if you have the chance, 5 STARS!
dude... i just did a superbowl... i am so far into space... oh look, the sky is melting... shit this is intense...
by 2 high 2 function February 04, 2009
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A gigantic helping of breakfast cereal, typically from 4-9 oz. Topped off with lots of whole milk.
"Damn man, I am sooooooooooo full right now. I had a Super Bowl for breakfast!"
"What was it dude?"
"Lucky fucking Charms."
by marcos alfonso March 06, 2007
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The most accurate depiction of the American lifestyle, which includes consuming, yelling, flashy lights, and idolizing overpaid mongoloids who contribute nothing to society. All while ignoring important issues in the world around them.

The event lasts approximately 17 hours: 14 of which is devoted to advertising products that nobody needs, and the rest is allotted for performances by bland, overhyped pop stars with next to no talent.

There is no actual game played during this event. You see athletes performing tasks such as running, but only about every 5 minutes and it's only for about 4 seconds at a time, then they stop what they are doing and go to commercial.

The truth is that nobody really likes the super bowl. The only reason one would watch this event is because everyone else is watching it, and humans have this psychological need for group solidarity, no matter what bland, inane activity that group happens to be devoted to.

Watching the super bowl (or any sporting event) is like going to church: it's boring, it's repetitive, you can't distinguish one session from another, you don't really know why you're there, and you get nothing out of it in the end. You only do it because you feel as though you are supposed to.
Jackass: Hey, you gonna watch the super bowl this weekend?
Me: No, I'd rather do something fun or interesting.
by The Bad Guy February 04, 2007
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The super bowl is an overglorified football game and the culmination of the professional football season. This also involves many ads which account for more of the duration of this event than the game itself. These ads are often moronic and often involve half-nude chicks. There is also a halftime show where shitty music acts perform their bubble-gum songs. And perhaps, 'entertain' the men.
GAME: This year, its the Seahawks versus the Steelers.

ADS: There is a rush to get a 30 second timeslot for ads during the super bowl. An example of an ad will be Jessica Simpson(probably half nude) advertising Pizza Hut's cheesy sticks or whatever the hell its called. Also expect many Budweiser ads

MUSIC: Janet Jackson did her famous boob act a few years ago. But this year is special. The Rolling Stones will be performing at halftime, so thats a breath of fresh air. I may just watch the halftime for the Stones and then the end to see the score.
by Still Life Tonight February 05, 2006
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