Something to watch so that you have something to talk about on Monday.
Joe: So uhh...what did you do yesterday?

Mike: Eh, just watched the Super Bowl.

Joe: Me too! Wasn't that one commercial sweet?
by banan14kab February 05, 2011
It is where you pack five different kinds of weed into one massive bowl and smoke it. Then you eat a mushroom after you are super blazed you will trip balls... your world will melt away and damn.... do it if you have the chance, 5 STARS!
dude... i just did a superbowl... i am so far into space... oh look, the sky is melting... shit this is intense...
by 2 high 2 function February 04, 2009
Much like Champion's League Finals to Europeans, the Super Bowl is the ultimate climax of a NFL season and also a big deal to many Americans. And because of the nature of the game, the game has became a gigantic eye magnet, so advertisers will get the chance to put advertisements and celebrities will try to get on the stage for the half time show, and so there will be a lot of discussions surrounding the half time show and the ads, and sometimes even more than the game itself.
European: Could you explain to me what is Super Bowl?
American: It's like the climax of the whole (American) football season, where two strongest teams will compete against each other, it's much like Champion's League Finals to you guys.
by InfinityR319 February 04, 2013
A gigantic helping of breakfast cereal, typically from 4-9 oz. Topped off with lots of whole milk.
"Damn man, I am sooooooooooo full right now. I had a Super Bowl for breakfast!"
"What was it dude?"
"Lucky fucking Charms."
by marcos alfonso March 06, 2007
A forbidden term, now known as "the SB word". It is being replaced by "The Big Game", particularly in commercials for products you might enjoy while watching the game on TV. Of course, if a small retail store would like to leave a million dollar tribute at the feet of the NFL president, then the taboo gets magically lifted.
"Hey Mom, stop on down to Bill's Bakery for a football shaped ice cream cake, perfect for your Superbowl party . . ."

ERRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAOOOWWWW! "Assume the position! You're under arrest for copyright infringement!"

"No, no, I meant "the Big Game! Please, I have a family!"
by Chris Zizzo February 03, 2008
Like a second Thanksgiving, but themed to a game that has no meaning. The Superbowl is defined by large groups of people gathering to mindlessly watch a television screen and consume an orgy of food.
Dude1: Did you catch the Superbowl last night?
Dude2: Naw, I was too busy gettin' laid.
by SirOlmec February 06, 2012
A match up of the underdog and the most worshiped team in the U.S.

Should be considered a Nationwide holiday, but sadly isn't.

The whole reason for having a Superbowl party is to drink beer, yell loudly for no reason, fight with the neighbors over what team will win, ingest so much food that you will be full for 3 weeks, watch stupid commercials and laugh uncontrollably at how they make no sense, and to make ridiculous bets that will have your co-workers laughing at you for over 6 months.
I cheered on the Jets for the superbowl. I drank 3, 24 packs for beer and during the commercial breaks I yelled across the street how the patriots were losing at the neighbors.
by cromig March 14, 2009
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