The most accurate depiction of the American lifestyle, which includes consuming, yelling, flashy lights, and idolizing overpaid mongoloids who contribute nothing to society. All while ignoring important issues in the world around them.

The event lasts approximately 17 hours: 14 of which is devoted to advertising products that nobody needs, and the rest is allotted for performances by bland, overhyped pop stars with next to no talent.

There is no actual game played during this event. You see athletes performing tasks such as running, but only about every 5 minutes and it's only for about 4 seconds at a time, then they stop what they are doing and go to commercial.

The truth is that nobody really likes the super bowl. The only reason one would watch this event is because everyone else is watching it, and humans have this psychological need for group solidarity, no matter what bland, inane activity that group happens to be devoted to.

Watching the super bowl (or any sporting event) is like going to church: it's boring, it's repetitive, you can't distinguish one session from another, you don't really know why you're there, and you get nothing out of it in the end. You only do it because you feel as though you are supposed to.
Jackass: Hey, you gonna watch the super bowl this weekend?
Me: No, I'd rather do something fun or interesting.
by The Bad Guy February 04, 2007
Top Definition
30 second clips of men running in between commercials.
Person 1: Who do you think will win the Superbowl?
Person 2: What's that? Oh, those men running in between the commercials?
by Twilight February 02, 2004
The only show that makes me eager to watch the commercials.
Did you see the Reno 911 trailer during the Super Bowl? That movie's gonna rock!!
by bigtones January 15, 2005
A sporting event in which major corporations shamelessly promote thier products with obnoxious commercials, and music artists who were never meant to sing together, sing together.
Did you see that Superbowl commercial when the monkey tries to fuck that lady?
by Nick L. February 25, 2004
a REALLY big bowl.
this superbowl can, like, hold all my cranberries! Mmmmm, cranberries!
by seamonkey girl February 03, 2004
1) A large football event held at the end of the football season in which two teams compete for a shiny ring
2) The most common excuse for men to buy a new TV at an obscene price
"Honey, I'm gonna go buy a 78-inch plasma screen TV"
"WHAT?!?!?! We're so poor we can't pay attention!"
"oh... OK"
by Thomas Hersh February 03, 2004
that thing that patriots lost
the patriots went 18 and 0...and then lost the super the GIANTS
by easy-b April 15, 2008
11 minutes of action squeezed into 3 hours.
Super bowl is like a boring boxing match with a big knock out punch
by Jeff Steveo February 04, 2007
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