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the headache ang nausia assoicated with after the superbowl because a person made too many bets and had too many drinks.
Sorry man I cant go out tonight,after that awesome game I have a huge superbowl hangover!!!!
by bigmoneybri February 04, 2008
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When you get a hangover on Super Bowl Monday not because of heavy drinking, but because of the excitement surrounding your team winning or losing.

It is possible to get a Super Bowl Hangover even if your team didn't go to the Super Bowl if you are easily excited.
John- Hey, where's Bill?

Bob- Oh, he's out today with a Super Bowl Hangover

John- But he didn't even have a beer!

Bob- Yeah, but the Packers won and he's from Wisconsin
by Emmy K. 723 February 07, 2011
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1. The aftermath of alcohol use during the Super Bowl
2. The drowsiness and fatigue after staying up all night watching the Super Bowl(non-alcoholic)
I woke up this morning with a Super Bowl Hangover after celebrating my team's win late into the night.
by Lana B. February 07, 2011
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