Another definiton of a female super hero. Or, a naughty chick!
Best said by singer - Adrienne Bailon
Just call me... SuperBad!
by DAyDAy.DUMMiE September 17, 2009
a fine ass female, a top notch looking female
"Im gonna go holla at this superbad over here"
by C10 June 09, 2008 is a stupid, yet funny, website to visit if your bored.
Lets go on superbad... what the hell? this website makes no sense! cool!
by Spitfire November 18, 2004
To smoke marijuana and have sex at the same time.
The girl wanted some alone time with her boyfriend so they could Superbad.
by Nehemiah Christ November 10, 2007
A movie that has been made into a cultural phenomenon for no good reason. It's a dollar theater movie at best. Just like Snakes on a Plane, the hype was way better than the movie.
Man 1:Man Superbad was awesome! Best movie ever.
Man 2:...What are you, retarded?
by Jumanji November 05, 2007
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