A student at Western Washington University who is drop dead gorgeous and though you don't know her name, you know who she is because time itself stops when you see her. Remember to look away and close your mouth so your drool doesn't get all over your Birkenstocks you just made in being a Dirty Fucking Lib 302
"Dude, I just came in my hemp pants while playing ultimate and protesting Dick Cheney."

"Yeah dude, I saw her too, it was definitely Superbabe."
by What were you thinking? April 12, 2008
Top Definition
A Superbabe is a woman who is delicious in everyway, from head to toe. Her personality is addictive. Her beauty is mesmerizing. Her soul is captivating. A Superbabe can make a man smile in his darkest hour. She can make him melt while flashing her "supersmile". A sexual force to be reckoned with that can lasso a man with her heart.
I was on the phone with Araceli when she superbabed me with the sweetest words I have ever heard. Her Superbabe powers can turn my frown upside down.
by dexterbateman April 20, 2008
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