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1. a ho of the highest degree of quality, often maintianing super ho type powers, etc.
2. a ho of an extreme or excessive degree earning the best ho scores and donations.
3. Informal. a very good ho; a first-rate ho; an excellent ho.
4. (of measurement) superficial.
5. a superfine ho.
6. Slang. a very forward ho; an extremely or excessively ho-ish super ho: a super classy ho; a super stimulating portion of it.
i needed to pull out all the stops to get this new job so i had to call in super-ho.
by nick December 29, 2007
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Hannah "Ho-tana"

someone who thinks that their shit don't stink

a skanky ho who thinks everything that is evil and wrong will be fixed when she walks in the room

a heroine who is a whore part time :)
by cartmanlover July 29, 2009
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a prostitute who is well-known almost like a celebrity and who charges her clients much more than other prostitutes.
He is visiting the superho tonight.
by uttam maharjan August 17, 2010
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