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1)highly acrobatic
2)pretty, drop dead gorgeous
3)light, airy
she is absoultly superfly. also see fly.
by sunny dawg January 09, 2005
22 29
adj. Expanding the scope of fly. Suaveness elevated by redeeming characteristics such as intelect, sophistication, sensuality, charm and respect.
Leonardo DiCaprio may be a pimp, but Edward Norton is superfly. He is fluent in Japanese, has a History degree from Yale, a Golden Globe and has dated Salma Hayek.
by Chadly August 03, 2006
10 20
Basically, a suffix to empower a noun.
I'm a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker, motherfucker. Every time my fingers touch brain, I'm super fly TNT, I'm the guns of the Navarone.
by Gumba Gumba April 04, 2004
17 42
While Engaging in Intercourse the man climbs up onto the Headboard while the Woman sticks her butt in the air. The man shouts "Superfly" and proceeds to jump off the headboard(aka the top rope) and slam dunks right into the womans Vagina. A-La Jimmy "Superfly" Snooka.
I Superflyed my girlfriend once and she couldn't walk for a month!
by afsfcop September 09, 2005
25 54
backstabbing ass licker - who thinks he is the shit - but really smells like donkey ass.
"That dude is such a Superfly - he is so lame!!!"
by thong thursdays August 06, 2007
6 47
a very hyper and wasted fly
yo man whos your daddy Im your daddy you wanna know why, because I did this to your momma, ya man you suck but your momma sweat, you suck but not as good as your momma though, IM SUPERFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by YO MAN September 19, 2003
17 60