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super-civil-engineer: a visionary civil enigneer who chart a course for others to follow. For instance, sustainable development as the foundation for all civil engineering work as a new concept was originiated as a pioneering frame work unheard of before 1995.
super-civil-engineer: engineering genius viojayaranam is a super civil engineer for advocating sustainable development as the foundation of civil engineering profession in 1995.
by ankv September 12, 2009
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Super Civil Engineer:Art of directing the sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of people in a sustainable ( environment) way with expertise in leading multidisciplinary teams and managing resoruces.
Super Civil Engineer:Programme Manager- Engineering Projects, Project Engineer Manager ,Modern Infrastrcuture Engineer,modern water wastewater engineer, modern sustainable structural engineer ,modern hydraulic and hydro engineer,modern geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineer
by vppv June 23, 2009
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