everything, and anything being better than super
that movie was super-duper
by super-duper July 18, 2005
Top Definition
Great stuff!!
My blow job technique is Super Duper!
by Jimmy Jinkistandon February 20, 2005
The integral of uper duper
S(uper)d(uper) = (uper^2)/2
by Dano Magnum June 19, 2007
To be so comfortable in your own skin that you can hug a fuckin man in a easter bunny outfit and be strait with it.
Kyle is so superduper that he just doesn't give a shit.
by Inebriated assistant May 13, 2014
Being high on marijuana
Hey bro how u feelin?
Super duper man just smoked a blunt
by dapsandpounds January 04, 2010
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