(sue•purr) adjective
~gay related or homosexual in nature, usually used in a positive manner
~also used to describe a person as being gay, as in "Hey, that guy is Super!"

Word was originally associated with gayness by "Big Gay Al" on the show SouthPark.

see also fagolicious, queer
Steve: Hey Tristain, those new thong underwear are SUPER!

Tristain: Oh geez, thanks, I just got them from A&F.
by B'Jeff January 07, 2006
1. Extreme faggot who is always going "WHAT?!" and then bringing up logs from 4 years ago.
"Soup you're a fucking loser."
<Brings up log from 4 years ago>
by Zee March 19, 2005
A bigg asshole, that does nothing but fuck with you all day and gets paid for it.
I hate my supervisor, what an A-hole.
by Overseer April 08, 2005
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