Super can have several meanings at the same time. When I use that word, super is not super at all sometimes. It can be also for something normal or well expected. Super can replace bad words also. Super is used when you don’t want to speak with somebody. Super is the material that Superman is made of. Super (in Dominican Republic) is a Supermarket.
From an expression of the face you can see if Super is realy Super or something else is.
1. You drop a heavy iron on your foot, and scream "Sssssuper".
2. Boring person takes you to some place, and you have to spend one hour there at least, and you think in your self: "My God, Super..."
3. You spent a bed night sleeping, and somebody ask you in a morning: "How did you slept last night?) and you just say : "Super"
by Milos Korac November 07, 2006
Top Definition
1)A word meaning good or exellent, hasn't been used seriously in decades
2)short for Supervisor
Gee whiz buddies, that'd be super!

My super's been completely breathing down my neck ever since he caught me looking at porn.
by Kevin March 24, 2005
another word for "very" or "really"
man i was super pissed
by mike walsh July 09, 2003
A marijuanna cigarette is placed between the teeth so that the lit end is in the mouth. Smoke is then blown through the joint into the face or open mouth of another user.
Yo nigga, gimme a super"
by .357ROB September 30, 2003
A prefix meaning "while drunk." For example, super-cooking is cooking while drunk, and super-volleyball is playing volleyball while drunk.
Hey guys, want to get drunk and play super-football?
Nah, we did that last week, let's just play super-Madden instead.
by supereli September 01, 2009
The transfer of Marijuana smoke (usually) from one mouth to another.
"If you won't let me have any, can we atleast do some supers?"
by Jay2Win March 25, 2005
When you think something is cool, or you are explaining your feelings
Hey. how are you?
by Super April 14, 2003
the landlord of a tenant, a person of fixes broken things in a tenant's apartment.
The Super came by and fixed my pipe.
by Jay Ryes July 01, 2005
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